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event decor rentals

Planned & Pretty Events offers event decor rentals! Purchasing items that will only be used once feels wasteful. You can always resell the items but that is a lot of effort and you don't get your investment back. Renting is economical and stress-free! Check out our collection of items available for rent. All inquiries and orders can be sent to plannedandprettyevents@gmail.com 


Rental Information 

Pick-Up Yourself -  Free - Embro or Paris, ON

Delivery - .20 cents per km

20 percent deposit + damage deposit required to secure booking

Items will be available 1-3 days prior to the event and must be returned no later than 3 days post event.

Damage deposit of 15% of goods will be returned upon return of undamaged goods

wooden crates

Homemade crates that can be used open and filled or as a stand for decor. Perfect for displaying event decor!

Item Specs: 10 in. x 10 in. x 11 in. made from old tobacco slats

Quantity Available: 24

Price:  $3.50 ea. or $75.00 for complete set

log podium

A non-traditional podium with a  rustic touch for your event.

Item Specs:  51 in. tall. Footprint is 40 in. x 20 in.

Quantity Available: 1

Price: $55.00 or $75.00 for podium and table

log table

A match to the log podium. This can accompany the podium or be used solo. Great for registry signing or for displaying decor.  

Item Specs:  32 in. tall. Footprint is 16 in. x 20 in.

Quantity Available: 1

Price: $35.00 or $75.00 for podium and table

Steel & green wheel light

Beautiful draping greenery and lights look great over a dance floor! Easily hung with rope or chain. Extension cord and hydro needed.

Item Specs:  45 inches diameter

Quantity Available: 1

Price: $45.00

green & wood ladder light

This is a great way to add lighting to a space in a creative way! All you need is a method to fasten it and an extension card for hydro hook up.

Item Specs:  10 x 1 ft.

Quantity Available: 1

Price: $45.00

rustic card box

Antique crate for collecting cards at your event.

Item Specs:  15in. x 11in. x 6.5in.

Quantity Available: 1

Price: $10.00

antique windows

These 100-year-old barn windows are great for event decor. They can be used for seating charts! All writing and decor must be removable.

Item Specs:  35 x 37 inches

Quantity Available: 2

Price: $18.00 ea.

antique doors

These 100-year-old solid wood doors are great for event decor. They can be used for seating charts! All writing and decor must be removable.

Item Specs:  80 x 31.5 inches

Quantity Available: 2

Price: $25.00 ea.

antique crate top

These beautiful crate tops are perfect for displaying photos or seating arrangements.Or just make a great backdrop for your decor.   

Item Specs:  38 x 36 inches

Quantity Available: 2

Price: $20.00 ea.

oversized x's and o's 

Lawn games are great for entertaining guests! This rustic X’s & O’s is fun for all ages. Lays flat on the ground or propped up. 

Item Specs:  38 x 36 inches

Quantity Available: 1

Price: $35.00 ea.

log slices

There are perfect for centerpieces or event styling. Made of Ash. 

Item Specs:  9 inch diameter and 1 inch thick

Quantity Available: 20

Price: $4.00 ea.

log pucks

Table seating made easy with these rustic yet modern place card holders. They can also be used to display candles or table numbers. Made of Walnut.

Item Specs:  2-3 inch diameter and 1 inch thick

Quantity Available: 150

Price: 50 or less- $1.00 ea., 99 or less- $.80 ea., 100 -150 -$.75 ea

assorted antique mason jars

Great for centerpieces and event decor. Varied styles and sizes. All can hold flower arrangements.

Item Specs:  Small - 5 inches tall  Large - 7 inches tall

Quantity Available: 19 small and 32 large

Price: $1.75 ea.

classic mason jars

Can be used for decor or drinks. Nothing may be permanently painted or glued.

Item Specs:  16 oz. 

Quantity Available: 150

Price: 50 or less- $1.00 ea., 99 or less- $.80 ea., 100 -150 -$.75 ea.

small mason jars

Perfect for candles and centerpiece decor. Your own decor (ribbon/fabric) can be added as long as it is removable.

Item Specs:  3.5 inches tall

Quantity Available: 48

Price: $.50 per jar or $20 for all 48

Rustic wooden easels 

These rustic easels are great for displaying seating charts, art and decor.  

Item Specs:  6 feet tall

Quantity Available: 2

Price: $10.00 ea.