oh hello ...

I'm Adriana, the owner of Planned + Pretty.


I love all things pretty! I am currently obsessed with sipping on London Fogs, listening to podcasts and decorating the house for every holiday.


I have always been a planner; mapping out life's events, coordinating all the nitty-gritty details, and making sure that even a few friends coming over is a memorable event. I have ten plus years of experience in event planning and through working with different companies and organizations I have fallen in love with marketing and design. I love creating beautiful things, and I have a heart for serving others. 



I believe that life should be two things, well planned and pretty. Planned + Pretty seems to be a way of life for me, I get so much joy from a well-coordinated outfit, the perfectly organized spreadsheet, and totally geek out over a perfect colour scheme.


Together let's create the perfectly planned and pretty event, website or brand! Planned + Pretty launched in September 2017, originally as Planned & Pretty Events, two years later we rebranded to encompass all the services offered and the future of the business. 



adriana xo